Why your loved man is not interested in sex with you

Why your loved man is not interested in sex with you

Sometimes you notice that there is something not right with you. Matter in natural cycles through which there passes a relationship.

Us, women, from the childhood learn to measure the importance for the world by sexual appeal in the opinion of men. Therefore, when some bed giant Leon begins to call us in the sultan rooms of all of times a week when was every day earlier, we begin to doubt ourselves:

    Oh, and what happened? I grew stout? Grew ugly? Grew old? How to be?

However, it is time to get rid of this sacrificial tendency to accuse themselves of everyone and everything, girls. Decrease in inclination in couple is frequent – it is normal. About the reasons of such behavior, we will talk to our expert.

He was tired of that sex marathon through which you were in the period of love

After the period of a passionate fever, couple always needs the period to be stabilized. At the beginning of a sex relationship there is always a lot of, it is the normal natural mechanism. Then the speed and frequency of intimate relations decreases a little – it is normal too.

He was frightened that he became too dependent on you

Men sometimes become reserved when they notice in themselves an excessive obsession on the woman and feel because of it too vulnerable. In this case it is necessary to let it a little bit think. It is not necessary to stick, climb, faithfully to look to it in eyes. Just go about the own business.

The most important at this dangerous moment is not to press on it because differently resistance will begin.

He is going through the distance period

distant boyfriend

At the majority of couples after the period of love there comes the period of men’s cooling off. He backs away. Often at this time the woman already stuck to the man all heart, and the man only begins to think: and whether there is a love there?

He managed to let off sexual steam and estimates:

    And I in general need this woman? What else, except sex, can she give me?

At this moment the main thing is not to saw the man, not to stick, not to run behind it a doggie. Leave alone it. If to stick as bur, nothing good from this will turn out.

He had another girl

texting other girl

In this case everything looks differently. It maybe be the case that he had an online affair with Live Jasmin girls or in real life, but that doesn’t matter much. You notice that your man behaves differently and treats you worse. If you suspect that he had one more woman, it is time to displace all the show. Here neither stockings, nor role-playing games will help. Ask directly. Formulate a question accurately, specifically and tactfully. And if the man does not answer, leave him a voice message. Tell yourself:

    I will wait a week.

And if in a week he was not shown or everything only became worse, it is possible to call itself the free girl. And here it is not necessary to run behind it. It does not lead to anything good.

You were tired from daily routine

Yes, if you in marriage already some time and you tired children and frying pans, sexual life can die away. Take the husband and go somewhere to another situation. To give children and to remain for several days together is the good idea too. Only these days it is important not just to roll on a bed together and to sleep off, and to introduce romanticism in a relationship.

You forgot to love yourself

Many men complain that tired women often appear in a modest look at home: walk in a dressing gown, wear ugly linen. Here it is important to take care first of all not of it, and of himself.

You not tired out horse that and to work, and to do homework with the child, and then to humor the man. The main objective of the woman is to be always in a resource. To have a rest, you want in day spa, the center of beauty, the gym. To lie and have a rest at home properly at the woman seldom it turns out. At once there are affairs.

couple in dark


When your cup is full, all is good. There will be neither failures, nor nerves, nor bad moods, nor problems in sex. Then will add romanticism to a relationship more simply. The romanticism degree in a relationship needs to be regulated: fell – we raise.

Leave men alone more often. They have too sad periods when they want nothing, cannot and suffer from the troubles. It is their internal life and it has no relation to you.

Listen not to the imaginations and illusions about what happens, and you always look at a relationship a sober analytical view. Take off all pink glasses and veils. Be objective. The relation of people is measured only by behavior. All the rest – our dreams, price markups, inventions.