The first love of Hugh Jackman told about courtship

The first love of Hugh Jackman told about courtship

Hugh Jackman is happy already 24 years in marriage with Deborra-Lee Furness. For stability of a relationship to their steam nicknamed one of the strongest in Hollywood.

For the first time 26-year-old Jackman met 39-year-old Deborra on the shooting stage of series “Correlli”. The young actor played the convict of colony who fell in love with the female psychologist. As the fates decree screen feelings flowed in life. Hugh understood that he cannot live without the partner on a shot. However, did not hurry to reveal any and all secrets. He thought over how to win heart of the actress. Once invited to a lunch of colleagues and the ladylove. Having drunk a glass of wine, the actor made to Deborra an avowal of sentiments. But she did not hurry to reciprocate to it as she was guarded by an age difference. The woman nevertheless gave up after persistent courtship of the burning brunette. They got married in 1996. Later time of the actor invited in the musical “Oklahoma”. And Deborah during this period studied direction in the Victorian college of arts. To be near darling, she threw an institution and moved to London.

In spite of the fact that couple is often parted in media, referring to the fact that the age difference becomes more noticeable, and Deborah grows old much quicker than the star spouse, couple to spite of ill-wishers is happy together.

Jackman is in a relationship with Deborah for so long that nobody remembers someone who would know how they really met and how love developed. However, the actor in one of the interviews told about the first love.

It appeared, for the first time Hugh Jackman fell in love when he was only 9 years old. The girl was called Martina Bruce, and she was a coeval Hough.

The young couple got acquainted under very strange and comical circumstances: Martina fell from the racetrack, and Jackman helped her.

    “My father told me then: “You were always a romantic. She ran, fell, and you returned to help her to rise” – the Hollywood actor told in one of the interviews.

After this story was published in the People magazine in 2008, the first love of Wolverine was quickly found, has an effect on the media and told a bit different version of meeting a future star. She could not remember the racetrack, however she remembered Jackman as the romantic and the gentleman.

“He wrote me love letters, threw stones on a roof of my house to draw attention. I had to hide from Hugh, but I was struck how strongly he loves me” – remembers Martin. She says that then when his feelings slightly weakened, they continued to be on friendly terms at school, but lost each other in student’s years.

Now Mrs. Bruce is married, has three children, but, judging by her words, today she regrets a little that she sent away such enviable groom, but someone could know. However, maybe, if not the first love dramas, and the actor would not become that someone we know him.