Learn to trust your man and build harmonious relationship

Learn to trust your man and build harmonious relationship

How to do right thing if from your relationship the most important component was gone.

Trust – a basis of a long and harmonious relationship. Without trust of the relation can exist, being based, for example, on passion, but they will last not for long. It is very important to understand how to learn to trust again the husband after treason or how to trust the man if you in principle mistrustful on life.

How to learn to trust your man

Sometimes the mistrust to the husband arises without any visible reason. It spoils a family relationship, the man does not understand why you do not trust him.

Let’s understand why after all there is such mistrust and as to struggle with it:

  • Problems in last relationship. Leave the past in the past. You do not transfer these problems to your current private life and never compare the husband to former.
  • The underestimated self-assessment. For example, the woman is in the decree, she is constantly busy with the house and the child, and for itself there is not enough time. You are kind of busy were, surely find at least half an hour in day on yourself darling!
  • Personal example. If you also wish to flirt with foreign men, then, most likely, automatically begin to suspect of the same and the husband. Here it is necessary to begin changes with itself.
  • Affected mistrust. In this case the woman does not trust the man to draw attention to herself. It is only enough to find an interesting hobby that there is no need left for such mistrust.

Whatever reason aroused your mistrust to the husband, surround it with love and care. Over time you will begin to trust it more

How to learn to trust your man after cheating

The most complex option: the husband already changed you once and therefore you cannot trust him. To learn trust in this case, it is necessary to put a lot of effort.

For a start give vent to feelings and emotions. Pass through all sufferings up to the end, let’s themselves shout and cry much, do not detain it inside. Together with tears the alarm and jealousy will burn down. And here not passed until the end of suffering by all means will begin to return to you in the future.

Never listen to advice of people around in this delicate question. In your relationship only you have to solve problems, but not friends or colleagues

Sort out why you forgave this man. Constantly you remember it, especially at the moments when the mistrust rises to you again. Leave the past in the past if you made up the mind to such noble step as forgiveness, do not remember in the future offense of the husband.

You learn to trust the man regardless of what became the mistrust reason. The mistrust you will exhaust yourself, will torture the husband and will kill a relationship. If it is impossible to cope with this problem independently, talk to the psychologist.

Harmonious relationship is not luck and accident at all as many think. On the contrary, it is full-time employment over itself. But do not perceive it as something difficult, routine, it is care, love and interest in the inner world.

The main rule of a harmonious relationship is not to allow your friends and family it is bad to speak of the soulmate or to compare you. Leave dirty linen and skeletons in the cupboard in family and if you are angry with darling, then the meeting with friends is an occasion to switch to other subject, but not to pick it to pieces. Respect the own choice!

Try to avoid communication with voices raised, otherwise any requests are perceived sharply and sound as the order, a relationship perishes. Remember that your partner has the character and protective mechanisms which were developed throughout all life. It is quite possible that requests were transferred in his childhood with voices raised. If your talk begins strictly, speak by softer voice. Tell about yourself and about the feelings, and not about what it bad, and about a specific situation. Besides, be attentive to requests of your partner, respect his desires and him.